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Apple Paple – premium apple wine from Poland

Apple Paple is the first premium fruit wine on the Polish market. It is produced in accordance with a unique prescription, inspired by tradition, but in a modern qualitatively rigorous production process (monitored by the UE regulations concerning “quality wines”). That is why we use the term “wine” with pride!

Apple Paple - classic wine serving

Apple Paple is the wine of freedom and sun. That is why we can drink it also as excellent wine chilled to 10-15 °C and still fully enjoy its taste.

Perfect for summer drinks!

Giving you Apple Paple, we would like this new kind of alcohol to live its own, unhindered life. We want everybody to be aware that they can treat it in any way they wish and discover their own unique recipe. Let’s mix it with various kinds of vermouth, vodka, liqueur and juice! Let’s add fruit, ice-cream, straws and cocktail umbrellas.

Paple Szprycer

120 ml of Apple Paple,
80 ml of good prosecco,
40 ml of Aperol.
A slice of an orange for decoration,
some sparkling water if you like.
Stir all ingredients in a glass.

Serve and drink as you wish...

This wine has its own unique character,
inimitable taste that is incomparable with anything else –
neither with ciders nor with grape wines.
It is an ideal base for drinks and cocktails

Paple Peach

200 ml of Apple Paple,
40 ml of peach syrup,
juice from half a lime.
Shake it with ice,
serve in big glasses, with ice.
Add slices of apple and mint leaves for decoration.

We are a company passionate about apple wine.

100% independent, 100% engaged, 10% crazy :)

True wine, not cider.

We produce our wine according to the traditional winemaking methods. We juice fresh apples only and then we ferment and mature our wine in steel barrels for at least six months.

High quality

Our wine is made solely from the best apples from the Kujawy region (Poland, EU). The apples are famous all around the world for their remarkable winemaking qualities. We use fresh apples only.

Polish apple wine tradition

We creating our wine drawing on the rich Polish tradition of apple wines which in past times won international competitions and were awarded for their quality and taste.

Priority - ecology.

Ecology is our priority – we buy apples from the cleanest regions of Poland, from Bio farms certified by the EU. The whole production process is certified as well and it complies with the highest standards of the winemaking industry.

What do lovers of good wine think of Apple Paple?

We have asked bartenders, sommeliers and wine lovers what they think of our wine. We would be too modest if we said we were surprised by these opinions… :)

Sensation! There is a new product on the market – “the first Polish premium apple wine”. Not cider but righteously fermented to 11% alcohol by volume wine made of apple juice. In other words jabol [fruit wine] but in this case it is rather “jabol de luxe”. What an idea! But never mind the idea, what matters is the final result! (…) It’s a success! They have managed to produce really interesting, tasty, high quality fruit wine. I’ll surely and gladly drink “Paple” again. Wojciech Bońkowski

Chief editor,

O roczniku 2015 Classic Dry:Wytrawna wypada zdecydowanie dobrze. Znalazłem tu powtórnie czystość, delikatność i miękkość, którą pamiętałem z rocznika 2014. Na podniebieniu na pierwszym planie jest jabłeczna goryczka, bo kwasowości jest tu zaskakująco mało. Alkohol (11%) swoje trzy gorsze do tej goryczki też dodaje, ale równowaga jest nienaganna. Udane wino, idealnie zastępujące lekkie wina białe, szczególnie, jeśli wolicie Chardonnay i Chenin Blanc od Rieslinga czy Vinho Verde. ♥♥♥

O roczniku 2015 Semi Dry: wersja półwytrawna spodobała mi się wręcz bardziej. Wydaje się soczystsza, bardziej jabłkowa, alkohol i goryczka są też lepiej schowane. Świetnie zrobiony produkt, niedaleko padający od takich znanych smaków jak półwytrawny Furmint albo Chenin Blanc. Brawo! ♥♥♥

Wojciech Bońkowski

Redaktor Naczelny,

Yellow, with delicately golden reflections, clear, without any traces of residue. Strong fruity scent, distinct notes of fresh, whole apples (pulp+peel+pips). Rich though short taste, dominant apple tone. Medium acidity, semi-dry character. Wine of simple but rich bouquet, crisp and light, in spite of “premium” label not very serious. Should be nice solo, good in cocktails and excellent with roasted duck with apples as well as with Indian cuisine. Łukasz Bogumił

Sommelier, Wineonline

I’ll put it briefly: good. Free of pungent acidity, full of the aroma and taste of old, traditional apple varieties, complemented with a delicate oakwood aftertaste, substantial. Everything harmonizes very nicely.

Łukasz Ostrowski


Delicate, smooth, nice at the end, cool in the sun. Goes well with blue cheese and fruit salad.

Matias Gigaglia

Wine expert, the owner of Podkowa Wine Depot

…sipping this apple wonder is a pure pleasure, especially when you add some ice cubes and a bit of sparkling water to it.

The most important thing, however – at least from my perspective – is that there are more and more new, fantastic initiatives, ideas, projects in Poland, created by people with passion.

Agata Szucka

Blogger, Naturalnie Wino!


"Pierwszy nos jest bardzo ciekawy, intensywne w aromacie (...) Jak je utlenisz to pojawiają się złożone aromaty, nie tylko jabłka. Nie jest męczące. Tu są aromaty, które pozytywnie ewoluują w kieliszku. Naprawdę ciekawe smaki, bo nie są to typowe smaki dla cydru, czy wina gronowego. To jest inny smak, bo czujesz po kolei te smaki, które powinny się pojawić: najpierw słodki smak, a potem bardzo przyjemny posmak goryczki. Produkujesz ślinę i chcesz więcej."

Julio César Sobrino

Sommelier, bloger, ekspert., "Świat wina dla każdego"

Surprisingly, positively delicate taste. Intensely fruity but still refined. It leaves a nice aftertaste typical for dry alcohol. Full taste, going from sweet to dry. Nice change, ideal for summer.

Karol Ociepa

The main bartender of Latawiec cafe

Authorized Distributors:

  • USA: Valley Vodka, Inc. Hadey M
  • France: With US Sa Nv C-Bev
  • Benelux: With US Sa Nv
  • Democratic Republic Congo: With US Sa Nv
  • NORWEGIA: Vinum Merum Kvalitet Importor
  • CHINA: Apple Paple China
  • TAIWAN: Ephraim Co. Ltd.


We are looking for distributors in the following countries:

China, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Japan.

Would you like to order Apple Paple for your shop, bar, cafe?

please contact our head of sales


Rafał Pawliński (Sales Director/CEO): +48 737 475 473

 If you want to cooperate with our brand – please contact our head of marketing:
Jarek Golawski, (Marketing Director): +48 600 067 043;


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